Volkswagen Passat Seat Covers T Design

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Volkswagen Passat Seat Covers T Design

$214.81 $243.75 -12% OFF


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Volkswagen Passat Seat Covers

Are you tired of seeing spills and stains on your car seats? Or maybe your old seat covers have started to look drab and need a refresh? Our stylish and practical seat cover solution is just what you need. Designed for maximum protection and ease, these covers will breathe new life into your car’s interior. You won’t believe how such a simple swap can have such a big impact.

Volkswagen Passat Seat Covers

Have you ever struggled with dirty car seats and wished for an easy solution to keep them clean? Our premium car seat cover set provides the comfort and convenience you’ve been looking for, without breaking the bank. Designed for compatibility, these covers offer high-quality materials, protective features, and various color options to match your style.

Key Features

  • Set includes front and rear headrests
  • Installation hooks are included
  • Made from 8 mm flexible suede quilted upholstery fabric
  • Pocket section at the back of the front seats
  • Includes orthopedic lumbar support
  • Special stitching compatible with airbags
  • Front seat backrests supported with foam
  • Sides of the front seats are supported with foam to form wings
  • Stylish sporty piping
  • Wrinkle-resistant due to its flexible fabric

Why Choose These Covers

Our covers not only upgrade the look of your car but also offer practical benefits. They are easy to install, making it a breeze to give your car a fresh look. With high-quality materials and considerate design elements, you won’t have to worry about spills or wearing out your original seats. Additionally, the built-in orthopedic lumbar support and foam padding ensure a comfortable ride, whether you’re commuting to work or going on a long road trip.

Compatibility and Safety

Rest assured, these seat covers are compatible with Volkswagen Passat models from 1979 to 2024. They are designed to work seamlessly with your seatbelts and airbags, ensuring your safety is never compromised. Plus, the covers do not interfere with your vehicle’s heating or cooling seat functions, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of your car’s features.

What's Inside The Box

  • 2 single front seat backrest covers
  • 2 single front seat bottom covers
  • 1 back seat bottom cover
  • 1 modular back seat backrest cover (1+2 or 2+1)
  • 5 headrest covers
  • 1 package of tension and fastening hooks

Common Questions

Will this product fit my car? Yes, our covers are compatible with the listed Volkswagen models. For further inquiries, feel free to contact our live chat support. We will guide you promptly.

Can I use the covers with my vehicle's heating or cooling seat functions? Absolutely. These covers do not hinder heating or cooling functions.

Will the seat covers hinder or prevent airbags from deploying from inside the seats? Not at all. The covers feature airbag-compatible stitching that allows airbags to deploy without obstruction.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing these volkswagen car seat covers is straightforward. Each package comes with detailed instructions and a set of hooks. You can rely on the high-quality materials to provide excellent durability, comfort, and style. Should you want to clean the covers, a simple wipe with a damp cloth or dry cleaning will do the trick. They are designed to last and to keep looking great with minimal maintenance.

How To Order

Ready to upgrade your car’s interior? Order your car seat cover set today and enjoy the benefits of a more comfortable and stylish ride. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Additional Benefits

When you choose our Volkswagen Passat Seat Covers, you’re opting for a combination of style, durability, and functionality. Not many seat covers in the market provide such a blend of features at this price point. Besides, these seat covers are not only about looks; they are engineered with your driving comfort and safety in mind.

Another significant advantage is that these covers are built to handle wear and tear remarkably well. Whether you have children, pets, or simply lead an active lifestyle, these covers will protect your seats from spills, stains, and dirt. The durable suede quilted upholstery fabric can handle almost anything life throws at it, maintaining its appearance and quality over time.

Custom Fit

Our Volkswagen car seat covers are meticulously designed to fit a wide range of Volkswagen Passat models from 1979 to 2024. The snug fit ensures that there’s no annoying sliding or bunching up, effectively keeping your seats protected at all times. Each set is designed considering the intricate details of your car's interior to ensure a perfect fit every time.

Furthermore, you won't lose any functionality when you install these covers. The covers include provisions for seatbelt buckles and offer compatibility with various seat adjustments and configurations. This means you maintain the original functionality of your seats while enhancing their appearance and protection.

User-Friendly Design

We understand that one of the key concerns for most car owners is the ease of installation. Our car seat cover set comes with comprehensive installation instructions and all the necessary hardware, such as tension and fastening hooks. You don’t need to be a professional to install these covers; it’s a simple and straightforward process that you can do yourself.

Additionally, our covers come with a pocket section at the back of the front seats. This added feature is perfect for storing small items like maps, snacks, or electronic devices, keeping your car interior organized and clutter-free. The stylish sporty piping and orthopedic lumbar support are other thoughtful touches that make these seat covers a worthwhile investment.

Volkswagen Passat Seat Covers T Design

Our volkswagen passat seat covers T Design bring both aesthetics and practicality to your car. Available in various color options, these covers will seamlessly blend with or even enhance your vehicle’s interior. The flexible suede material ensures that your covers stay wrinkle-free and look pristine for a long time.

Convenience at Its Best

  • Set includes front and rear headrests
  • Installation hooks are included
  • Flexible suede quilted upholstery fabric
  • Pocket section at the back of the front seats
  • Orthopedic lumbar support
  • Airbag-compatible stitching
  • Foam-supported backrests and sides
  • Stylish sporty piping
  • Wrinkle-resistant fabric

The covers include specialized stitching that complies with airbag standards, ensuring that your safety is never compromised. The foam supports along the backrests and sides offer excellent cushioning and additional comfort during prolonged periods of sitting. All these features collectively make the installation and everyday usage extremely convenient.

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining your volkswagen car seat covers is a breeze. Simple cleaning procedures like wiping with a damp cloth or opting for dry cleaning can easily keep them looking new. While these covers aren’t machine washable, following the recommended care instructions ensures longevity and continued elegant appearance.

Thanks to the high-quality materials used, our Volkswagen Passat Seat Covers will not leave stains or damage your original car seats. They also feature anti-bacterial properties that protect against mold and bacteria, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment, making them suitable for family cars.

Key Safety Features

With these Volkswagen car seat covers, all your safety concerns are addressed. The seat covers include airbag-compatible stitching, which ensures that the airbags can deploy efficiently whenever they are needed. This feature is particularly crucial for anyone prioritizing safety without compromising on the aesthetics and protection of their car interior.

Pet-Friendly Options

While our covers are durable and robust, it's essential to note that they are not rated specifically for pet use. If you have pets that frequently travel with you, particularly those prone to scratching, consider looking into our specialized seat covers for pets. This ensures that both your seats and seat covers remain in excellent condition.

Compatibility Factors

We provide a variety of designs to match your specific needs, including those that uphold the functionality of armrests and split-folding rear seats. Be sure to check the product details or consult with our support team to find the ideal model that matches your car’s requirements.

Our standard option for Volkswagen Passat is the one-piece backseat cover which may affect some functionalities like the armrest or cup holder use. But, for those wanting continued access to split-fold rear seats and armrests, multiple options are available through our store.

Customer Assistance

If you’re ever in doubt, our customer service team is always ready to assist you. We offer live chat support on our website, as well as email support. Feel free to reach out for any queries regarding the product or its compatibility with your specific Volkswagen Passat model.

Ready to transform your car's interior? Don’t wait any longer. Upgrade today with our Volkswagen car seat covers for a luxurious, protective, and stylish ride. Enjoy the unmatched blend of comfort, convenience, and elegance that only our seat covers can provide.

Compatible with:
  • Volkswagen Passat B1 from 1973 to 1980
  • Volkswagen Passat B2 from 1981 to 1988
  • Volkswagen Passat B3 from 1988 to 1993
  • Volkswagen Passat B4 from 1993 to 1997
  • Volkswagen Passat B5 from 1997 to 2005
  • Volkswagen Passat B6 from 2005 to 2010
  • Volkswagen Passat B7 from 2010 to 2015
  • Volkswagen Passat B8 from 2015 to 2022
  • Volkswagen Passat B9 from 2023 to 2024
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