Volkswagen Tiguan Seat Covers Iron Design

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Volkswagen Tiguan Seat Covers Iron Design

$201.47 $232.92 -14% OFF


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Volkswagen Tiguan Seat Covers For Your SUV

Upgrade your ride with our sleek and versatile car seat cover set designed specifically for the Volkswagen Tiguan. Made to be compatible with your vehicle from the years 2007-2024, these covers bring a new level of style and protection to your seats.

Why volkswagen tiguan seat covers Are The Best Choice

Imagine embarking on a long road trip and feeling completely at ease, knowing your seats are covered with high-quality materials that prevent sweating and offer maximum comfort. These volkswagen car seat covers solve the pain points many drivers face, such as worn-out seats and discomfort during long drives.

Key Features Of Our Car Seat Cover Set

  • Iron Design: The special mold system and flexible lacoste fabric on the sides ensure comprehensive seat wrapping.
  • Breathable Fabric: A 3-layer breathable fabric prevents sweating on long journeys, enhancing your driving experience.
  • Special Airbag Stitching: Each cover has specially designed airbag stitching for optimal safety.
  • Multiple Pockets: The three-piece rear pocket design provides efficient storage for your belongings.
  • Fully Compatible: AEROFIT molding and ZIP-UP zipper tech make the covers compatible with seat belts, armrests, and folding seats.
  • New Look And Protection: Adds a brand new look while keeping your original seats in pristine condition.

What’s Inside The Box

  • 2 single front seat backrest covers
  • 2 single front seat bottom covers
  • 1 back seat bottom cover
  • 1 modular back seat backrest cover (1+2 - 2+1 - 1+1+1)
  • 5 headrest covers
  • 1 package of tension and fastening hooks

Get To Know The Benefits

Aside from a snug fit and aesthetic appeal, our Volkswagen car seat covers provide lateral support, premium materials, and headrest covers. The fabric’s soft texture and sponge ensure comfort, while the airbag-safe production prioritizes your safety. The covers maintain compatibility with all vehicle functions, including backseat armrests and folding features.

Common Questions About Volkswagen Tiguan Seat Covers

Wondering if these covers are right for you? Let's answer some frequently asked questions to clear up any doubts:

  • Can I use the covers with my vehicle's heating or cooling seat functions? Absolutely, these covers won't interfere with those features.
  • Will the seat covers hinder airbag deployment? No, they are airbag certified and stitched to facilitate safe deployment.
  • Will these covers fit my car? Our car seat cover set is compatible with Volkswagen Tiguan models from 2007-2024.
  • Can I install these covers myself? Yes, installation is easy and instructions are included!
  • Are the covers machine washable? They are not machine washable but can be cleaned with a damp cloth or mild cleaner.
  • Do they hinder seatbelt use? Not at all; pre-opened buckle holes ensure seamless seatbelt usage.

So, why wait? Equip your Volkswagen Tiguan with these top-notch seat covers and transform your driving experience today! 🚗💺

Attention to Detail in Every Stitch

When we designed our car seat cover set, we didn't cut corners. Each cover comes with special airbag stitching, ensuring your safety is never compromised. These stitches are specifically designed to tear upon airbag deployment, facilitating an instant and unimpeded release. This detail sets our Volkswagen Tiguan Seat Covers apart from generic options, providing peace of mind in every journey.

Multi-Functional Pockets for Added Convenience

Our volkswagen tiguan seat covers go beyond just looks and comfort. With a three-piece rear pocket design, you gain additional storage space to keep your belongings organized. Imagine the ease of having a dedicated space for your gadgets, documents, or even a snack during those long trips.

Ensuring Full Compatibility

Don’t worry about losing any functionalities with our Volkswagen car seat covers. Thanks to our AEROFIT molding and ZIP-UP zipper technology, the covers are fully compatible with seat belts, armrests, and folding seats. This tailor-made fit guarantees that whether you need to use your cup holders, armrests, or fold down your seats, you won't face any hassles.

Premium Material and Durability

We believe that quality should never be compromised. Our seat covers are crafted with high-quality, durable materials, rigorously tested to meet European standards. The leather parts have passed the Martindale 100,000 friction test, ensuring they withstand wear and tear while maintaining an elegant look. This long-lasting protection means your original seats remain in pristine condition, as new as the day you bought your car.

Setting Up Is a Breeze

Indeed, you can install these covers yourself. The package includes a comprehensive written and video guide, making the installation process straightforward and hassle-free. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional help, setting up our volkswagen car seat covers is just a few steps away.

Your Questions Answered---More FAQ

Curious about some specifics? Here are more frequently asked questions to help you decide:

Will the covers keep my car cool or heated as needed?

Absolutely. Our covers are designed to work seamlessly with your vehicle’s existing heating and cooling seat functions. You won't miss out on the comfort features your car already provides.

Will these covers prevent the airbag from deploying?

Not at all. Our covers have been rigorously tested and are airbag certified. The special stitching ensures that airbags deploy safely and promptly.

Are these covers pet-friendly?

While our covers are durable, we recommend caution if you have pets. Their claws could potentially damage the material. For added protection, you might want to check our specific range designed for pets in our "Seat Covers for Pets & Dogs" section.

Unmatched Benefits of Choosing Our Volkswagen Tiguan Seat Covers

By opting for our Volkswagen Tiguan Seat Covers, you're investing in more than just protection. Our covers offer:

  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: Instantly add a sleek, modern look to your vehicle’s interior while maintaining its original appeal.
  • Lateral Support: Enjoy additional comfort with our specially designed material that offers superior lateral support.
  • True to Life Appearance: What you see is what you get. Our product images reflect the actual look, color, and material quality of the covers.
  • User-Friendly Design: From easy installation to convenient storage pockets, every feature is aimed at enhancing your driving experience.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Protect your seats from spills, stains, and daily wear, ensuring they remain in mint condition.
  • Mold and Bacteria Resistant: Our antibacterial materials ensure a clean and healthy environment for you and your passengers.

Quick and Easy Maintenance

Our covers are not machine washable, but cleaning them is simple. Use a damp cloth or a mild cleaner to gently wipe them, ensuring they remain fresh and spotless. Alternatively, you can opt for dry cleaning or vacuuming for a more thorough clean.

Why Choose Our Volkswagen Tiguan Seat Covers?

Our covers are meticulously designed to offer maximum comfort and protection for your Volkswagen Tiguan. Here’s why they stand out:

  • Safety First: Airbag-safe production and tear-away stitching prioritize your safety.
  • Maximum Comfort: Breathable, high-quality fabric ensures no sweating even on long drives.
  • Full Compatibility: Works seamlessly with all your vehicle's features.
  • Effortless Installation: Install it yourself without any professional assistance.

So, why wait? Transform your driving experience today with our Volkswagen Tiguan Seat Covers and hit the road in style and comfort! 🚗💺

Compatible with:
  • Volkswagen Tiguan 1st Gen (5N) from 2007 to 2016
  • Volkswagen Tiguan Track & Field (1st Gen) from 2007 to 2016
  • Volkswagen Tiguan Sport & Style (1st Gen) from 2007 to 2016
  • Volkswagen Tiguan 2nd Gen (AD/BW) from 2016 to 2024
  • Volkswagen Tiguan 2nd Gen (AD1) Facelift from 2020 to 2024
  • Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace (Europe) from 2017 to 2024
  • Volkswagen Tiguan L (China) from 2017 to 2024
  • Volkswagen Tiguan L PHEV (China) from 2019 to 2024
  • Volkswagen Tiguan X (China) from 2020 to 2024
  • Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line from 2018 to 2024
  • Volkswagen Tiguan SEL Premium R-Line from 2018 to 2024
  • Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace R-Line (Europe) from 2018 to 2024
  • Volkswagen Tiguan L R-Line (China) from 2018 to 2024
  • Volkswagen Tiguan L Facelift (China) from 2021 to 2024
  • Volkswagen Tiguan LWB (North America) from 2017 to 2024
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